Towe Widstrand, BSs (Eng.)

Towe Widstrand, BSs . I am a graduate of the Universtiy of Stockholm in business and psychology. I offer trainings in Nonviolent Communication and Creativity. I was certified as NVC- trainer in Nonviolent Communication 1994 and Over the past twenty five  years I have conducted NVC-trainings in Israel, Russia, Slovenia, USA, Canada, Australia, Singapore Switzerland as well as Denmark, Norway and Sweden. I have worked with hospital staff, company managers, personnel managers and staff, prison staff, inmates, teachers, social workers as well as public groups and individuals.

This long experience from offering trainings abroad makes it possible for me to also offer NVC- lectures and -trainings in English beside Swedish.

I have served as a Board-member and International Project – Coordinator for Center for Nonviolent Communication.

Beside offering trainings, I am part of The English Speaking Assessment-Team, working with the certification-process for trainers to be. See for more information about the certification process and the global network.